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Who Do You Think You Are? by FrostieHeart Who Do You Think You Are? by FrostieHeart
Stereotyping and social categorizing happens everywhere, every day. Much study has gone into discovering how the human mind works, including how different people are likely to view others and themselves. Stereotyping ties in very closely to self-identity. Researchers have identified main mindsets that are the most common around; the self-doubter, the struggler, the surfer, the storyteller, the strategist, the stencil, and the soldier. They have different characteristics and drives, but the question is, who do you think you are?

Reference List

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All images used have Creative Commons licence.


Hey Everyone! FrostieHeart here!

What I have submitted is actually assessment work for my Animation degree at SAE, in the CIU211 (creative industries unit) module of the course. We were required in this class to make a project proposal for some creative thing that related to what we have been looking at during the class. After the proposal, we grouped up and chose a project to make. Well, mine got chosen and well, not really that interesting since I'm an animation student, but my idea was a poster challenging stereotypes.

My lecturer gave much advice that I tried very hard to use, but some of that advice, I couldn't due to time constraints.

The final poster was created by MissJiaV and all the images procured were found by Sneakyboy97 and myself.

Any questions you want to ask, feel free to drop a comment or note me.

SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute
Bachelor of Animation

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April 28
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